Our Technology

Insurance Automation Group’s products are developed and deployed on industry-leading hardware and software platforms, providing our customers with rock-solid software foundations that can be deployed on the hardware of their choice. End users only need a web browser for login access. iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager produces documents in PDF, Word, and Excel format, so these applications are also recommended.

Deployment Options

Choose from several deployment options:

• Public Cloud: Insurance Automation Group hosts the entire solution, including hardware, software, storage, and applications; solutions and users are managed and supported remotely.
• Private Cloud: Insurance Automation Group delivers a complete solution, including hardware, software, storage, and applications hosted by our clients. Solutions and users are managed and supported by Insurance Automation Group remotely.
• Customer-installed solution: Insurance Automation Group deploys our solution on your hardware, software, and storage; we manage and support the application, database, and users remotely.

For our solutions, users need only a browser to use the system. Access is provided through a Secure Apache Web Server platform. Data is stored and managed utilizing a relational database platform.

Technology Outcomes

Contact us for detailed specifications on our technology outcomes, including performance, scalability, reliability, availability, and security.